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App Modernization

Revamp legacy systems to upgrade the workflow

Application Modernization

Application Modernization services help companies to modernize outdated legacy systems. With nearly 80% of the world’s applications running on mainframes and legacy software, companies are increasingly upgrading their old and sluggish IT architecture to bring their business up to speed in a cost-efficient way.

As businesses migrate to the cloud, dealing with legacy applications as well as the new decoupled models of micro-services architectures presents challenges. Today, the API-first and API-driven development approach can simplify the complexity of working with cloud-based apps by enabling them to integrate with many other technologies and systems.


Legacy application modernization can enable new services and processes that provide a competitive advantage for your business. Techminds offers different services to help businesses get the most value from their existing legacy applications in the long term. We make the main focus on redeveloping existing WinForms apps into universal apps, re-designing front-end and UI legacy apps without disrupting the backend and the core features. Moreover, our team implements an integrated approach that allows modifying legacy UI and extending the functionality of your apps.

Advantages of legacy application modernization:

Processes Acceleration

Changes can be made faster to modernized IT systems and applications, enhancing the agility of all your business processes.

Increasing Reporting Accuracy

Processes can be easily articulated and documented to help track project statuses in no time and update product data from anywhere at any time.

Cost Savings

Legacy application modernization reduces costs by raising efficiency, mitigating risk and improving performance by providing a better user experience.

Scalability and stability of apps' operation through APIs

Modernized legacy systems have a smoother and more transparent workflow. They are easily integrated through APIs, renovated and customized.

Technologies/Solutions Offered

Our App Modernization Services Include The Following Technology Stack:

 * Moving from legacy asp apps to web-based Angular full-stack application

 * Replacing legacy C# desktop-based apps to web-based ReactJS stack application

 * Developing cloud-native apps using .NET Core


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